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Out of Competition



Emanuele Licitra and Paola Catapano / Italy (55')

90 years later in the Svalbard archipelago, Nanuq, a special sailboat designed to be sustainable and passive, fueled by an unconditional love for knowledge, for progress, and for scientific research, crosses stretches of sea free of ice for the first time in decades following the journey of the Italia airship.

Film premiere showcase

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Francesco Della Ventura / Italy (18') 

Pietro takes his family out to lunch. His wife and daughter don’t imagine that the choice of the restaurant is not accidental. Olga, Pietro's lover, with whom he hasn't spoken in a month, works there. Pietro is willing to risk his whole life to make things right between the two of them.



Federico Demattè / Italy (17')

Armando is a 15-year-old rom boy who lives in Milan’s suburbs with his mom and his brothers. His family is about to leave the shack they live in to move to Berlin where his mother’s partner has found a job. Armando spends the last days before his departure surrounded by his life-long friends, his first love and a nostalgic feeling for Milan, which by now he considered home.

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Valerio Ferrara / Italy (12')

 In an upper-class neighborhood of Rome, Paolo is having a drink with his friends, as per usual. When he decides to go home, he is approached by two dodgy looking guys. Gioacchino, one of the two guys, is immediately very aggressive towards Paolo. He has been looking for him for the last three months, and now he has finally found him. An impossible love story between people who come from different backgrounds. A love story born in the summer days and which ends on a warm winter’s night.

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Fulvio Risuleo / Italy (17')

Guerrino Pau has lived in his bed for twenty years. He has no problem that would force him to living this way, his is a choice. This fake documentary investigates the psychology of this man who for this reason has been nicknamed: The Mattress Man.

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