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Narrative Earth Short



Humberto Rodrigues / Brazil (9')

Wars, epidemics, resource scarcity and social collapse have turned human beings into deformed stone figures trapped in their worst vices. Suddenly, a flower appears and frees one of the "stone walkers" from isolation.


Flight to earth

Ignacio Rodó / Spain (6')

In the 23rd century, the Earth has been uninhabitable for generations. Now the children of the colonies must take a mandatory flight to visit the planet and commemorate the past.


Footsteps on the Wind

Maya Sanbar, Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo / Brazil (7'5'')

Footsteps on the Wind follows the plight of Noor and her little brother, Josef as they travel far away from home, orphaned from a devastating earthquake.


The human plant

Andrea Sbarbaro / Italy (11'06'')

An eccentric TV host surrounded by an incompetent crew, tells the crazy story of how four lonely tenants, left without electricity on the 15th of August, created the invention of the century.

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