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Andaras Noas



Daniele Pini / Italy (14')

Matilde lives in a cramped house on the beach with his grandfather. To make some money, she scours the sand with her metal detector hoping to find something valuable. On a cold winter morning, Matilde will discover an object which will change her life forever.

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The Look

Mehran Ghorbani / Islamic Republic of Iran (9'10'')

Mr. Biglari and the local teacher try to convince Fatima's father to let her go on a trip to the city with a group of male students.



Morad Mostafa / Egypt (19'55'')

Khadiga, a 16-year-old young mother, lives alone with her baby after her husband left for work in a remote city. On an ordinary day she makes her way through the hustle of Cairo streets to do some visits, but she feels uncomfortable with the surroundings.

Warsha - poster.jpg


Dania Bdeir / Lebanon (15')

Mohammad is a crane operator working in Beirut. One morning he volunteers to get on one of the tallest and notoriously most dangerous cranes in Lebanon. Away from everyone’s eyes, he is able to express his secret passion and find freedom.

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