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Docu Earth Short

Total Disaster.png

Total Disaster

Keil Orion Troisi, Molly Gore / United States (11'28'')

Trickster environmental activists pretending to be oil behemoth Total stage a satirical press conference to introduce "RéHabitat," a plan to rescue animals from the East African Oil Pipeline by relocating them to “more sustainable” habitats in France. Using humor and mischief, they shed light on a deadly ecological and humanitarian disaster.

Ka Manō Moana_edited.jpg

Ka Mano Moana

Lotte Twaalfhoven / Netherlands (6'20'')

Ka Manō Moana is a documentary about the importance of sharks in the oceans and in our fight against climate change.



Shyam Karki / Nepal (10')

A little red panda, a rare species, has become homeless as a result of the recent 16-day wildfire in the Nepali mid-hills, yet one more of a growing number of symptoms of the climate crises that spares no human nor animal.

The Resilient poster_web.jpg

The Resilient

Julie Lunde Lillesæter / Norway (27'59'')

The Resilient follows the drought-stricken Norwegian farmer Einar as he is searching for a way to continue the family legacy of dairy farming. After the most difficult season of his life, he travels to Malawi in East Africa to learn from farmers who have been living with the impacts of climate change for more than a decade.

A Tree A Minute.jpg

A Tree A Minute: for 24 hours.

Beau Miles / Australia (17'53'')

As there are 1440 minutes in a day, and I love planting trees, I decided to plant a tree every minute for 24 hours. It was (I swear, meaningfully) hard.

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