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5° edition of traveling film festival

11/15 July 2023
Fluminimaggiore – Buggerru – Iglesias 


Welcome to the fifth edition of Andaras Traveling Film Festival, dedicated to travels, new beginnings, and the discovery of the world and the self.

TRAVELING LIGHT is the title of this new chapter of our festival, dedicated to all those who find traveling around the world and getting to know distant lands and peoples the shortest way to reach oneselves. More than any other human activity, traveling is a state of mind, research, self-awareness, knowledge of others, testimony, the starting point of each arrival.

In the Sardinian language, "Andaras" indicates traveling, but also the paths that shepherds followed during the long winter transhumance in search of lusher pastures, the same paths that miners have also traveled since ancient times. And it is in Sardinia, in Fluminimaggiore and Buggerru, villages of mines, shepherds and fishermen, that the Festival will be held, from 11th to 15th of July, between the sea and the mountains of the Costa delle Miniere, the wildest and most evocative of the island.

The Festival will be divided into five days, each of which is dedicated to the screening of the works in competition, the meetings with filmmakers, writers and photographers, and the discovery of the territory, good food and good music.

With the theme of this fifth edition, “Traveling Light”, we are searching for a new way of looking at the world, stories of hope, rebirth, discovery and education.


There are six different categories in the competition:

1. “Super Shorts”
Short films both fiction or documentary, of a maximum duration of 180 seconds;

2. “Docu-Shorts”
Non-fiction short films, of a maximum duration of 20 minutes;

3. “Narrative Shorts”
Dedicated to fiction short films, of a maximum duration of 20 minutes;

4. "Gazes from the World"
Dedicated to experimental, fiction and documentary short films, not strictly connected with others categories, of a maximum duration of 15 minutes;

5. “Animation”
Animated short films, of a maximum duration of 15 minutes;

6. "Andaras Noas" (New Paths)
Dedicated to fiction stories that tell the moment before the start of the trip, of a maximum duration of 20 minutes.



Best Super Short
Best Docu-Short
Best Narrative Short
Best Gaze from the World
Best Animation Short
Best Andaras Noas
Special Jury Prize
Special Prize “Andaras”


The deadline for sending the works is 22 April 2023. The selected works will be announced on 8 May 2023.
Only travel films made after 2019 are accepted.

All submitted works must have English subtitles.

Each filmmaker can submit one work per category.

All selected works will receive the “Festival Laurel”.




Sending the works involves the acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the Festival. Please read all the terms before sending the project.


Only those who hold the rights or the persons and companies appointed by them can apply for the project.

It will be possible to submit works through the online platform “FilmFreeway” at the link

By sending the works to the competition, the rights holders authorize the screening of the work as part of the "ANDARAS Film Festival", they also authorize, for the sole purpose of promoting the Festival, the free insertion of sequences of the work in national and international television networks and on the internet (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). The Festival reserves the right to affix its logo and to create subtitles on the video extracts of the works. 

The works submitted to the competition will not be duplicated, copied, projected and / or presented outside the official places where the "ANDARAS Film Festival" takes place, without prejudice to further projections and national and international collaborations carried out for educational and cultural purposes. and promotion of the Festival, not for commercial purposes. The holders of the rights authorize the publication of their data on the official website of the Festival, as well as their possible diffusion to the press for promotional purposes. The registration to the Festival's mailing list is also authorized, according to the law. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the European GDPR 2016/679 and D.Lg. 196 of 2003 and subsequent modifications and additions and will not be disclosed or communicated to third parties.

By participating in this call, you consent to the processing of data for the sole purpose of sending the Newsletter pursuant to art. 13 of the European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR).

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