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Gazes From the World

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You Can't Automate Me

Katarina Jazbec / Netherlands (20')

Heavy metal bars. They are the last port workers to do such dangerous jobs surrounded by self-driven vehicles and remotely operated cranes. Each body tells its own story: from grieving for a colleague who died on the job to just keep going. Stowaway animals appear as visions of a more natural world.​



Claudio Casale / Italy (14'34'')

Shabnam was attacked with acid when she was a teenager. Today she is a Shero, a women's rights activist from India, who is raising her daughter by teaching her the value of beauty and feminine strength, beyond social conventions.


Heritage of Mankind

Davide Ludovisi / Italy (8'21'')

Raheem Ullah is a young Pakistani biophysicist. His scientific career brought him to Italy. Here, however, he discovered the difficult situation of those who left their country not by choice, but out of necessity. 

A story of science, immigration and families to be reunited.

Harrier Poster 2022.png


Ciara Flint / United Kingdom (15')

Using the practices of birdwatching and nature observation as a gateway, we unravel the story of Joan McNaughton, a woman whose passion for the natural world was born from a dark and tumultuous history with alcohol addiction.

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Guillermo Alvarez Chaia / Spain (13')

Conrado Sr tells the story of Conrado Semedo, a son of Cape Verdian immigrants born in the mining area of Bierzo, León. After spending 3 years in prison, the authorities proceed to extradite him, even though he was born in Spain.

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