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Docu Short Food



Michela Maria / United States (27'35'')

Heirloom tells the story of a mother and daughter who set out to discover why Italian Americans love gardening. Along their journey, they meet notable members of the Italian American community (like Isabella Rossellini), and even travel to Italy. Heirloom is a recipient of the Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum grant. Spearheaded by Hollywood directors Anthony and Joe Russo, the Film Forum is an initiative to fund films depicting and exploring the Italian American experience for the benefit of future generations.


In Good Faith

Andrea Yu-Chieh Chung / United States (11'25'')

In a world where industrialized meat production has become the norm, some Muslims strive to maintain a diet that is permitted by God and which is more humane.

Goodbye Strawberry poster.jpg

Goodbye strawberries

Haroon Habib / Pakistan (3')

A 6-year-old girl loves strawberries like she loves her sister. Her mother tells her the Strawberry Season is going to end soon and she can never eat strawberries until the next year. She wants to say goodbye to the strawberries in a different way.

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