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Narrative Short Food



Michela Anedda / Italy (2'33'')

Minniau is an animated short film in stop motion which re-elaborates a nursery rhyme and the sayings of the popular tradition in a playful and ironic way.

Minniau talks about a little boy, spoilt by his family. Like every child, he hates vegetables, even more soup. It will be a great challenge for him, even if the ending moral will make us understand many things.



Brian Lawes / United States (15')

Searching for food, a boy breaks into a house. But when the owners return, he is trapped inside with them.

The Pitch_Vertical_02.png

The Pitch

Eno Freedman Brodmann / United States (8'10'')

The Pitch is a satirical short film that spoofs the advertising industry by imagining a potential collaboration between chicken nuggets and bluetooth speakers. Starring Lourdes Hernández, it follows a call between an agency creative and director trying to one up each other on the most important product of the year: vegan chicken nuggets. Ridiculous, absurd, yet only too real, The Pitch is a commentary on the agony of the creative process until it all becomes a mess.

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