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Old Hag1.jpg

Old Hag

Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin / France (7'37'')

While his wife believes him to be at a corporate seminar in Paris, Jean-Luc is sitting on a boat moving through the bayou, somewhere in Louisiana. He has an appointment with the voodoo wizard Richardson. This wizard is known for solving all the problems.

you must have come from hell.jpg

You Must Have Come From Hell

Hayfaa Chalabi / Sweden (5'22'')

In her short film, Chalabi talks about her own asylum experience and the roles that refugees are forced into in Sweden. She explores the impact of structural apathy towards refugees in migration offices, socio-political discourse, and private spaces. The work becomes a place for memory and history writing where Chalabi tries to understand how to document a process that is prohibited to be documented by the person undergoing it. Animation in this film is a tool that serves an aim beyond its practical aspect of depicting a narrative. It is a resistance against the restrictions of filming, recording, and photographing whatever happens inside the Migration Board’s offices in Sweden.

Let Go.jpg


Star Bazancir / Sweden (3')

A story about people of flesh and blood, torn apart by illusions named border, nations and race.



Mahan Khomamipour / Islamic Republic of Iran (10'04'')

A girl's fantastical journey across Asia leads her to explore the cultures and norms of Asian countries, from Persia to India to China. The work was inspired by ideas of exoticism and orientalism which pervaded the Western continent and Ravel's artistic world, in the 1900s. Our interpretation explores the play between the fantasy and reality of how Asian culture is understood and perceived in two dimensions: East vs West and historical vs. modern.

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