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Narrative shorts

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The Skates

Halima Ouardiri (Canada, 13’)

Mina loves to skate. Today, her father, recently divorced from her mother, accompanies her to her first figure skating lesson. An ordinary day if something hadn't happened to the skates.


Death to the Bikini

Justine Gauthier (Canada, 17’)

Lili, 10-year-old, rebels when her parents force her to wear a bikini top, even though she has always swam topless.


Titanic, versione adattata alle famiglie iraniane

Farnoosh Samadi (Iran, 15’)

The film Titanic is broadcast for the first time on Iranian national TV in a version suitable for Iranian families, with fantastic images and timeless sound.

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Victor Cesca (Francia, 15’)

Guy, a pianist passionate about his music, sees his life turned upside down when the church where he officiates takes in a mysterious little girl. A true piano virtuoso, the child prodigy will soon steal the show.  A duel of egos then begins.



Sage Bennett, Alexandra Bas (Mexico, 13’)

Tensions rise as an angsty teenage daughter pines for her mothers attention while her mother searches for her own fulfillment in life and love.


Tilipirche (Grasshoppers)

 Francesco Piras (Italy, 18’)

In a small village in the heart of Sardinia, during a terrible locust plague that is devouring everything, a farmer has to face the passing of the baton, from father to son, for the management of the sheepfold.


Nothing Holier Than A Dolphin

Isabella Margara (Greece, 17’)

In a small Mediterranean village, an ancient myth unexpectedly comes to life. Two fishermen find a dolphin accidentally caught in their nets. The dolphin, on its turn, finds a fisherman drowning in the water and tries to save him.

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