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Goodbye first love

Shuli Huang (USA, 13’)

He pays him a visit in Frankfurt during his work trip in Europe. The last time he saw him was in Beijing, back in 2015, and this could be the last time he sees him.


Sermersuaq, the great ice

 Patrizia Bruno (Italy 14’)

Sermersuaq is a powerful documentary that offers an intimate perspective on climate change in the Arctic. It follows the stories of Michael, a hunter from Qaanaaq, the northernmost town of Greenland, and Marc, a scientist on a quest for truth. 

Different origins, same common purpose: preserving Sermersuaq, Greenland's great ice sheet.



Fabio Talloru (Italy, 6’)

We try to imagine a dystopian future where a country is empty, with no people living in it. One person and one art are the only ones to be able to call people to repopulate their spaces: the bell ringer who, with his own hands, can send sound messages that resonate across the mountains and valleys.



Valerio Armati, Nina Baratta (Italy, 15’)

Squatting a building: 60 rooms, 70 families, 50 children. Two directors: Valerio is 9 years old and Nina is 39. Two authors who share a great sensitivity come together to tell a delicate and complex reality, to tell what it means to be squatting. There are interviews with the inhabitants who, through precise answers made up of numbers, try to bring order to the unknown space of the squatted building, while the "tableau vivants" show us the crystallized reality of those places, giving the viewer time to “breathe” them in deeply and make them their own. An immersive path that can swing between the child's imagination and reality, and that can take us into this often distant and exploited world in a simple and direct way, without rhetoric.


A beautiful day

 Stefano Obino (Germany, 19’)

The end of a war is never an end. A mother's private diary takes us on a poetic journey through the lives of the many children who have fled the ISIS war and whom the world has forgotten.

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