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Another day

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Making Babies

 Éric K. Boulianne (Canada, 20’)

After many years together, a couple decides to have a baby. Throughout their relentless efforts, the partners try to maintain their love and unity. Making Babies is a minimalist comedy drama that takes a bittersweet look at a couple’s life, with its doubts, its challenges and its resilience.



Paolo Bonfadini, Davide Morandi (Italy, 15)

Anna is growing up. She’s just turned 7-years-old. Stefano and Margherita, want to surprise her, teaming up while a series of unexpected events happen. The awkwardness and stubbornness of their family ritual makes a father and a young receptionist dive into an unusual night adventure to find a secret and ‘magical’ way to communicate without words.

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 Matteo Pianezzi (Italy, 19’)

Mario is a fisherman who has dedicated his whole life to the sea and to his family. Now he is sixty years old, widowed and destitute, and he finds himself at an impasse: he loves his job, but he is no longer able to do it.

Miranda_s mind - Poster.jpg

Miranda’s mind

Maddalena Crespi (Italy, 18’)

After having her book proposal rejected by yet another publisher, Miranda is trying to accept the fact that she might never achieve her purpose. Thanks to encounters with various characters and multiple daydreams, Miranda will bring the audience with her on a journey to find something that was right in front of her all along: herself.

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Fivos Imellos (Greece, 18’)

A woman receives a startling phone call from her son, while waiting for him and his girlfriend to come over for lunch.

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