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Ad Astra



Lavinia Tommasoli, Pietro Traversa (Italy, 20’)

What-if-I: an app that lets you see what your life would be like today if you made a different choice yesterday. An amusement for some, an app of regret for many. Miriam is engaged to Leo, the inventor of the app. They have a mutual friend, Norman. Miriam and Norman start using What-if-I and soon the real present starts to get confused with the alternative one...

59 DEGRES.png

59 degrees

Matias De Sa Moreira, Cyril Pinero (France, 10’)

A couple and a real estate agent visit a parking space.  In 2050, parking lots are now rented out as apartments, because the temperature is much lower than outside, where it's constantly over 50 degrees.  But the man in the couple is thinking of buying for his mother, who is in a nursing home without air conditioning, and the woman is thinking of buying for herself.  The real estate agent, on the other hand, is thinking of just one thing: making money.


Hestia 19

 Stephen Bigot (France, 5’)

The members of the International Space Station (ISS) have just made an exceptional discovery. One of the astronauts, Paul, brings this discovery back to earth.



Fabiana Lupo (Italy, 15’)

A journey across the universe in search of water to survive.  A journey in search of oneself. The extreme experience of the protagonist of the story is the daily experience of the human being.

BIGLOVE_poster_vert (0-00-04-21).jpg

Big Love

Cristiano Gazzarrini​ (Italy, 15’)

Chiara is 14 years old and she finally feels ready to experience her first great love.

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