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Reem Al Shammary - The Bedouin Boxer - Poster.png

Docu shorts


Deserto Bianco

Marta Massa (Italy, 14’)

From a deserted landscape the voices of young Sardinians emerge to explore the traces left by the industries. Through the eyes of the younger generations, the abandoned landscapes come alive to unveil the legacy of environmental exploitation on land, sea and its people.

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What Else Grows On The Palm Of Your Hand

Dhiaa Biya (Belgium, 16’)

The routines of two women fuse together as their similar gestures get repeated over time. Their hands intersect through their shared memory one movement at a time. The daily routine of Hayat in her absolute loneliness builds as she tries to recollect memories of her grandmother. We observe both their lives separately, the gestures of both women seem to be in an ongoing, subtle dialogue. The poetic rhythm of the events slowly forms itself as their days go by. Eventually, the bond between them unravels the motherly love that unites them.


When a Rocket Sits on the Launch Pad

 Bohao Liu (China, 12’)

At the basketball camp, 15-year-old Fang talks about her dreams. But life never stops, it moves too fast. Her phone fell into water. There are too many stairs to climb. The adults seem to decide her future. And the rocket keeps being launched every month.


The moon will contain us

Kim Torres (Costa Rica, 18’)

As a magical moon creeps in, different timelines entwine in the mysterious and stagnant town of Manzanillo.

Reem Al Shammary - The Bedouin Boxer - Poster.png

Reem Al Shammary, The Bedouin boxeur

Mattia Ramberti (Italy, 15’)

The film offers a stylized portrait of Bedouin boxer Reem Al Shammary, driven by the desire to qualify for the Olympics and to inspire a new generation of women to fight against gender inequality in Jordan.

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