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The Guests of the Sixth Edition of the Andaras Traveling Film Festival


Enrica Pintore

Enrica Pintore was born in Nuoro in 1985, but she grew up in Ottana, a small town in the Barbagia region. Her passion for acting started in Sardinia, when at a young age she joined the theatre company I Barbariciridicoli, which brought several shows, mostly comedies, around the island. In 2008, she took a degree in languages at the University of Florence. Then she moved to Rome to attend the acting school Il Cantiere Teatrale, under the direction of actress Paola Tiziana Cruciani. She made her first debut in 2011, when she joined the cast of the film 10 regole per fare innamorare alongside Guglielmo Scilla and Vincenzo Salemme.

Then, she joined the cast of Un medico in famiglia 10, the Disney series Alex & Co and Don Matteo 11. She starred in the film Il ragazzo della Giudecca (2016), based on the eponymous book, alongside Franco Nero, Luigi Diberti, Giancarlo Giannini and Tony Sperandeo, and in Oltre la bufera, inspired by the life of Don Giovanni Minzoni. The film was produced and distributed by Controluce Produzione, and it was presented at the Rome Film Festival in 2019.

She’s also starred in the first 3 seasons of Il Paradiso delle Signore, as one of her most beloved characters, the head saleswoman Clelia Calligaris. 

Her most recent works include the film Enrico Piaggio – Un sogno Italiano, directed by Umberto Marino and aired on Rai 1, the successful Rai series Mare Fuori (as Luisa) and Màkari (alongside Claudio Gioè), the Netflix series Lidia Poët 2, and the Mediaset series I Fratelli Corsaro.



Motta is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and score composer. He approached music at a very young age. After attending the Film Scoring course at Centro sperimentale di cinematografia, he began composing film scores. In 2016 he made his solo debut with “La Fine dei Vent'Anni” (PIMI Special Prize for best debut album, Targa Tenco for best debut work). In 2018, he released his second album “Vivere o morire” (1st place in the best-selling vinyl albums chart) and won the Targa Tenco for best album, becoming the first artist to receive two awards for his first two albums. In early 2019 he took part in the Sanremo Festival with “Dov’è l’Italia”, winning the award for best duet with Nada. In 2020 he published his book “Vivere la musica” with Il Saggiatore, and in 2021 he released his third album, “Semplice”. In 2022 he went on tour playing in the major clubs in Italy. In 2023 he released his fourth album, “La musica è finite”, and announced a new club tour in many Italian cities. He also composed the film score of The Cage – Nella Gabbia. He’s currently touring around Italy.

Carolina Crescentini

Carolina Crescentini graduated from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. She made her film debut in 2006 with Fausto Brizzi’s Notte prima degli esami – Oggi and became known to television audiences through the sitcom Boris, directed by Luca Vendruscolo. In 2007, she filmed I demoni di San Pietroburgo by Giuliano Montaldo and Cemento Armato. In 2008, she starred in Due Partite and Generazione 1000 euro. In 2009, she starred in several films including Henry, Oggi sposi, 20 sigarette and Mine Vaganti by Ferzan Ozpetek. In 2010, she starred in Ti amo troppo per dirtelo, Boris – Il film and Un Cane per Due. In 2011, she won the Silver Ribbon as best supporting actress for Boris - The Film and 20 Cigarettes. In 2012, she starred in Niente può fermarci and Una Famiglia Perfetta, while in 2014 she took part in Max & Helene, Due di noi, Fratelli unici, Maraviglioso Boccaccio, Tempo instabile con probabili schiarite and L’accabadora.

In 2015, she appeared in Pecore in erba and Zoolander 2. In 2016, she starred in the TV series I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone. She starred in the international film Il sogno del califfo in 2017, and in A casa tutti bene and Sconnessi in 2018. In 2019, she took part in the TV movie Non ho niente da perdere and in the second season I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone, In 2020, she starred in the horror film Letto N. 6 and in the TV series Mare Fuori. Her 2002 was pretty full: the Netflix series Tutto chiede salvezza, and the big comeback in the fourth season of Boris. In 2023, she starred in Paolo Costella’s film Per tutta la vita, in Massimiliano Bruno’s Finché c’è crimine, c’è speranza, in the third season of Mare Fuori, and Mai dire Kung Fu, directed by YouNuts! for Prime Video. Then, she took part in the short film Unfitting, conceived by magazine director Grazia Silvia Grilli and directed by Giovanna Mezzogiorno. The film is about the psychological violence and body shaming that actresses have to deal with. She is currently on the set of the new Netflix series Mrs. Playmen, directed by Riccardo Donna, as the main character Adelina Tattilo.

Sveva Mariani

She was born in Rome in 1998. In 2020, she graduated from Accademia d'arte del dramma antico –Giusto Monaco in Syracuse. Sveva is a rising talent in the Italian film and entertainment industry.  She made her TV debut in 2021 in Gabriele Muccino’s Sky series A casa tutti bene. In 2023, she starred in Ambra Principato’s Hai mai avuto paura? and in Luna Gualano’s La guerra del Tiburtino III, as the female lead, which was presented at the Rome Film Festival.

Ginny Chiara Viola

Astrologist. Scorpio Ascendant Pisces with Moon in Taurus, a mix of confusing but empathetic sensitivity and determination, that could be both her luck and her doom. She first studied astrology in Milan with Marco Pesatori, then delved into all the books she could find around the world, and into webinars at the Mayo School in London. She’s really passionate about free will, and she takes it into account for her astrological forecasts by writing optimistic and motivational horoscopes for Fanpage, Radio Deejay, OnePodcast (the OroscoPodcast), Living Corriere, L'Oréal and Wind3.

In 2023, she published her book “The Age of Aquarius” with Gribaudo. She’ll greet you every morning, in pyjamas and with coffee, with Radio Deejay’s horoscope (7:10 a.m.). You can find her on her Instagram and TikTok page @unaparolabuonapertutti.

Matteo Leone

Matteo Leone started studying music at a very young age. After a year in Mauritania, he started his training in the band of his village, Casaletta, by playing percussion. He continued his musical journey in Bologna, where he discovered jazz and the avant-garde. Back in Sardinia, he enrolled at the Cagliari Conservatory to study jazz drums. A long journey in the States brought him closer the blues. He started the band Don Leone with Donato Cherchi (singer) and in 2017 they won the Italian Blues Challenge, made it to the 2018 European finals in Hell (Norway) and to the International semifinals in Memphis. In 2021, he won the Parodi Prize and was finalist at the 2022 Musicultura Festival.

Last year, he was among the stars of the 42nd International Jazz Festival in Sardinia – European Jazz Expo at Teatro Massimo in Cagliari. His narrative language is Tabarchino, the dialect of Calasetta, a mixture of Ligurian, Arabic and Maltese.

Ilaria Porceddu

She began singing and studying piano at 6 years old and in 2004, at 16 years old, she was the winner at the Castrocaro Festival. After graduating, she moved to Rome to start her artistic collaboration with Peppe Vessicchio and Marco Rinalduzzi. Together they worked on her first album “Suono Naturale”, released by Sony in 2008, after her participation in X Factor Italia. Then, she graduated in Performing Arts and Sciences, with a thesis in Ethnomusicology on the history and tradition of singing with guitar in Sardinia. Then, she joined the cast of Luca Tommassini’s Il Pianeta Proibito, and later collaborated with Ron and Gino Paoli as a guest in their concerts. In 2013, she participated in the Sanremo Festival and made it to the 2nd place in the Young People category. In the same year, she realised her second album, “In Equilibrio”, with D’AltroCanto/ EMI Music.

In 2016, she composed the score of Per Anna, a short film that won multiple awards at national and international festivals (including the David di Donatello 2015 shortlist). The film included the first track (Sas Arvures) of her third album “Di questo parlo io, released in 2017 by Linea Due/Pirames International. In 2020, she released “Sa Coia”, a tribute to her return to Sardinia. Ilaria has founded Indirizzo D’Autore, Sardinia’s first school of songwriting, in the heart of Castello in Cagliari, and she is currently working on her fourth album.

Le Lucide

Nonconformist and histrionic, they are the joy of the provocateurs and the nightmare of the well-meaning, often judged by politicians and censors. Michela Sale Musio and Tiziana Troja, aka “Le Lucide” have been the rebels in the Sardinian art industry since 2002. With 20 years of experience, these multifaceted artists unhinge boredom with skilful combinations of theatre, dance, film, photography and music. Their shows are dreams that swing between edgy satire and contemporary drama; they are an explosive cocktail that shakes public opinion. In Sardinia, they inspire young talented artists, always offering something bold, irreverent and out of the box.

Luna Galuano

Luna Gualano is an Italian director, editor and producer who has been active for over twelve years, specializing in films, video clips and commercials. In 2018, her feature film Go Home - A casa loro, a horror film focused on social issues, won the Panorama Italia award at Alice nella Città during the Rome Film Festival. The film also received numerous awards at national and international festivals, including the Mario Bava Award at Fantafestival in 2018 and the Best Screenplay Award at Horrorant International Athens Film Festival in 2019. His first film, Psychomentary (2013), won the Anna Mondelli, Best First Feature and Best Special Effects awards at the ThOrror Film Festival. She has directed numerous music videos, short films, commercials and clips, collaborating with artists such as Caparezza, Alex Britti, Piotta, Negrita and many others.

In 2021, she directed Credimi!, produced by Dream Film, and started a collaboration with the production company Mompracem. In 2023, she released her film La Guerra del Tiburtino III, distributed by Fandango and produced by Mompracem and Rai Cinema. It was presented at the Rome Film Festival and selected at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. In the same year, she co-wrote U.S Palmese with Emiliano Rubbi and the Manetti Bros and won the Heroes Action Award at the Heroes International Film Festival. Luna Gualano is currently teaching filmmaking at the Roma Film Academy in Cinecittà.

Maurizio Temporin

Maurizio Temporin (1988) is an Italian director, writer and artist. He deals mainly with fantastic realism and science fiction. He has published Il tango delle cattedrali with Rizzoli, the children’s trilogy IRIS with Giunti, translated in several countries, Arcana – Il castello dei destini sbagliati and IF – La Fondazione Immaginaria with Mondadori. IF also inspired a graphic novel published by Panini Comics.

He is the founder and artistic director of SPAZIO TEMPO studio, a hub in the centre of Milan and Rome, where creatives and specialists belonging to different fields (cinema, publishing, art, advertising, communication) can work together. He collaborates lastingly with Lucido Sottile, Luigi Serafini and Max Papeschi.

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