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Children of
the universe 


Shakespeare for all ages

Hannes Rall (Germany, 3’)

Shakespeare's works are timeless - this film proves it! 


Rabbit hole

Bram Van Rompaey, Reinout Swinnen (Belgium, 1’)

A rabbit wants to escape from an evil bunny factory.


The Splint

Mehdi Sedighi (Indonesia, 5’)

A robotic truck driver, on a dirt road, is replacing old wooden power poles with new concrete ones when he hits two birds.

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Grogh. Story of a beaver

Gianni Zauli, Alberto Baioni (Italy, 14’)

Grogh and his colony of beavers build a dam to protect themselves from the floods of the river. And then a hut, to defend against wild beasts. But faced with Tarlai, the fire, and Katai, the frost, Grogh has to lead his people to bring them to safety and free them. From hunger, fear and man, the number one enemy. Courage, adventure, team spirit, in a story defending nature and its inhabitants.


The world saved by girls

Maria Luisa Usai (Italy, 20’)

A slide takes us into the life and imagination of five teenage girls born in Sassari, Sardinia, in the north-west of the island. In an alternation of city streets and imaginary black holes, a shared journey develops in the creation of a film and the immersion into reality. The girls want to save the world, we don't know if they will succeed or not. We only know that they have superpowers, they have something to say and they are driven by unpredictable desires.


Enjoy your meal

Sofie Kienzle, Christian Manzke (Germany, 3’)

A creature in space overexploits its own planet with existential consequences: as it sinks into plastic waste, it realizes that the planet's resources are limited.

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