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Gazes From the World

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One hour to Banaue

Mario Oliva Gomez / Spain (4')

Experimental short film that immerses the viewer into different atmospheres, exploring oriental culture lifestyles. This sensory trip explores deep emotions scenes in which the traveler is tempted to stay.

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Sensory journey in Iran

Diego Monfredini / Italy (10')

The reportage of an adventure in Persia. The Sensory Journey dedicated to the visually impaired and blind is inclusive, it generates friendships and connections between distant worlds. A journey with eyes closed, with Enrico Radrizzani and the Compagnia del Relax.

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Empty Feet & Fireflies

Benjamin Meads / United Kingdom (8'21'')

The film travels through interconnecting streams of memory, exploring the balance between the industrial, electrical whirrings and the waste cycles of our consumer-driven modern world, alongside the more essential pulses, textures and rhythms of nature. From cityscapes to tiny bugs, in discord and harmony; we navigate through the residual static left somewhere in-between.


Sistan & Balouchestan

Meysam Babaei / Islamic Republic of Iran (5')

Twenty thousand kilometers of our journey in a city that is within the reach of a country. Sistan and Baluchestan is a city in Iran that extends to the territory of Syria And it is a world of wonder.



Stefano Cau / Italy (14'39'')

A small isolated village of the countryside is dying since no babies have been born in a long time. A man doesn't give up, and places a few speakers to play the sound of "extinct things": by the dry river we hear water sound, by the still bells you hear the tolling, by the stuffed animals you hear their call.  The only hope of the village, whose inhabitants are just a dozen of elders, is a pregnant girl. She feels the weight of the responsibility and wants to run away.  One day she tried to escape, but her run is interrupt by her labour. The elderly inhabitants will force her to give birth in the village square, a sacrifice that recalls a fertility ceremony.

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Ethiopia, Natural Utopia

Artyvelle / France (4'39'')

A travel & documentary short video on Ethiopian Lands, People, Culture and Nature - 4 min to immerse yourself in the authentic Spirit of Ethiopia.  Shot In Lalibela, Gondar, Simien Mountains, Harar and in between.


Argentina: a journey

Fulvia Bernacca / Argentina (5'30'')

In 2015 I travelled alone in Argentina for 5 weeks. I was completely captured by the light, colours and sounds of this land. It is impossible to tell all the experiences and emotions I lived through on what was the most important journey of my life. I have only tried to fix some suggestions and many memories with this very short film.

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