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Gazes from the world


Dionewar Solidarité

Ilja Mlosch - Germany (8’)

In many areas of Africa, there is a long tradition of solidarity. All inhabitants are involved in deciding what is good for the community. With the help of modern media like WhatsApp, necessary projects are discussed, selected and finally organized and realized by hundreds of partecipants. And everyone pitches in! In the film it is a landing stage that also allows larger ships with larger loads to moor. Until now it was only possible for small pirogues on the sandy beach.



Giulia Camba - Italy (15’)

An old man whispers his desires to a seashell and he gives it to the sea. A little girl travels across the diverse landscapes of Sardinia, while the voice of a woman tells a fairy tale about life and history of its inhabitants through their gestures, objects and places. Eréntzia reflects on the transcendent component of Sardinian craftsmanship in which found footage dialogue
with images of the present. A visual journey that beholds the domain of the senses, mixes memory and contemporaneity, while suggesting thoughts about the future of the handcraft practices.



Heimo Aga - Austria (7’)

At the small Caribbean Island of St. Martin/Sint Maarten, on a tiny stretch of land at Maho Beach between high mountains and the sea, there’s one of the World’s most unique airports: Princess Juliana International, known in aviation circles as SXM. The film employs an unusual cinematic style worthy of this exciting plane spotters’ paradise.

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Alberto Diana - Italy (11’)

May 2021. The people of Colombia take to the streets: the police fire back at the demonstrators. I watch the barricades from another continent: the footage and testimonies of my friends in Medellin give voice to a country that does not surrender, bringing back personal memories that seemed long gone.

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