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Out of Competition

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Le ragazze non piangono 

Andrea Zuliani - Italy (100’)

Ele, a 19-year-old girl originally from Northern Italy, who settled with her mother in Basilicata, runs away with her father's old camper to save it from being scrapped shortly before her high school exam. But in the camper she finds Mia, a 21-year-old Romanian girl who had taken refuge there the previous night. The two girls’ escape turns into a journey to the border. The geographical border of the country, the boundary between friendship and love, between adolescence and adulthood.

Premiere Film showcase

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Tre volte a settimana 

Emanuele Vicorito - Italy (13’)

The Berrezzella sisters are avid Lotto players; three times a week they try their luck, fueling it with due superstition and an ancient technique. One day, in Vico Scassacocchi, they are confronted with the scene of a betrayal, which becomes yet another opportunity for them to try their luck and change their lives forever...  



Matteo Panebarco - Italy (13’)

“Caramelle” [Italian for Sweets] is a short film that tells the tale of the inextricable tie between three generations: father/grandfather, daughter/mother, grandson/son. A bond so strong as to transcend the boundaries between Life and Death, the Earthly World, and the Afterlife, in an atmosphere of compelling magical realism. It is a simple story: Lucia, a middle-aged woman visits her father’s grave in the local graveyard from time to time. One day she finds a sweet wrapper scrunched up in a ball on top his grave. This strange episode happens over and again until Lucia finds out that… but that would be telling… we won’t spoil your appetite, let’s just say that the whole story revolves around the sweets in the title, in our modern pop revisitation of the Proustian Madelaine! This short film is made using techniques in 3D animation, blended with real life modern day photos taken to celebrate little known corners of the city of Ravenna, in the area around its port.

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Il barbiere complottista 

Valerio Ferrara - Italy (20’)

 In a lower-class neighborhood in Rome, there is a barber who believes in conspiracy theories. He is the laughing stock of his family but also at work. Nobody takes him seriously until he gets arrested by the police.  


The Delay 

Mattia Napoli - Italy (15’)

A clap of hands: the palms meet, but the snap comes a few seconds later. Arturo is out of sync, the delay is growing day by day. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Arturo will have to question the pace of his life.  

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