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Docu Short


Adaptive Adventure

Meg White - United Kingdom (14’)

While navigating her way through an arduous journey with lupus, Kate Appleby continually engages and wholeheartedly immerses herself in outdoor adventures. Spreading awareness of hidden illnesses, Kate has become a powerfully inspiring woman among those in the outdoor
community. This documentary examines the psychological and physical benefits yielded through thoughtful and respectful engagement with one’s environment and explores the human connection to nature.



Camille Toulmé - France (12’)

Little Rawa lives in a Syrian refugee camp on the northern border of Lebanon. With her brothers and sisters, she grew up in the camp like a huge playground and no longer wants to leave. Through 5 years we follow her destiny marked by the war in Syria.


Riley & Rambo

Danny Hardaker - United Kingdom (5’)

Riley & Rambo is a story of a boy and his horse that offers insight into the Rag n’ Bone world of Holme Wood Bradford. With a backdrop of deprivation we discover the resourcefulness and happiness that’s found in an older and genuine way of life; where freedom can be found.


Santorini, the paradise of parkour

Biel Macià - Spain (20’)

Two parkour athletes set off on an adventure to Santorini to jump across this paradise of white and blue rooftops, showing the essence of the risky sport and an exciting way of life.


Will You Look At Me

Shuli Huang - China (20’)

As a young Chinese filmmaker returns to his hometown in search for himself, a long due conversation with his mother dives the two of them into a quest for acceptance and love.

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