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A visual journey through Iran.jpg

A Visual Journey Through Iran: Sistan and Baluchistan

Ebrahim Mirmalek / USA

'Sistan and Baluchistan' a south eastern province in Iran, with vast lands of rugged, mountainous terrain, bordering the neighboring Pakistan and Afghanistan, where smugglers often illicitly enter in and out of the lawless borders, surviving from the poverty inflicted by the high rising unemployment. A long-forgotten province, isolated due to its relentless droughts and desolated lands with people repleted with pride and poetry, bonded to their ancestral soil. This is a brief visual journey of my overland trip to this long-forgotten land, blotted in the minds of most people with fear and misery. I travelled 2 months from Sistan all the way down to Baluchistan, enraptured by the hypnotic landscapes and welcomed by people still fueled with life and honor. This short video was made spontaneously without any previous planning, pieces of moments that struck me deeply during my journey all put together to briefly portray one of the most enigmatic and historical places in Iran.

A visual journey
And we get to surf poster.png

And We Get to Surf

Claire Graff / USA

Claire and Spencer keep fanning the adventure flame even after their second little boy is born. Determined to prioritize both their family and their passion for surfing rivers, they pack the RV with boards and diapers and go chase river waves. With a three year old and two month old in-tow, it's anything but easy, but what it brings to their lives is worth every ounce of extra work.
*All shot on the fly with our little mirror-less, while attempting not to drive my family nuts.

And we get to surf


Ludovico Vargiu / Italy

A boat in the middle of an iced sea. A father and his daughter in a full speed auto. What's the connection?

Ausonia Poster.jpg

Ausonia (1946-1961)

Giulia Camba, Elisa Meloni / Italy

Ausonia is a forgotten place, a part of Cagliari’s history of which no material evidence remains. The stories of the displaced people who inhabited it in the post-war period turn into visual suggestions, recalling the way in which memory gaps are naturally filled with fantasy, which mixes with reality. An experimental short film in which intimate dimension and collective past blend together in a dreamlike suspension. Ausonia is a travel across history and imagination.



Vladimir Bodiroga / France

Unlike water, air, and earth, fire cannot be polluted. It is to the Mayans the most sacred element. They believe fire is in the heart of humans since birth and inside the heart of the earth as well.
Thus volcanoes are seen by past and present Mayans as a place of creation. As you get higher, it is much easier to encounter Ajaw, the god of all things.
Even on the most deadly volcanoes…

Shot in 2018, two months before the Fuego volcano's eruption, one of the deadliest in Guatemala for over a century.


Philippine Beat

Koyo Sasaki / Japan

When I visited the Philippines, I heard many beats. The rhythm is full of passion and vigor. In addition, it is a short film that depicts the people and beauty living in this place, incorporating the enthusiasm of the Chinese New Year and the festival.

Philippine beat.jpg

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