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ANDARAS Traveling Film Festival 2021 - Check out the finalists.

Although in the last year it has been difficult for everyone to move, the desire to tell the journey has not been lacking and we have received short films from over 90 countries around the world: environmental and human sustainability, outdoor life, extreme sports, hospitality and integration, are just some of the themes present in the works in competition.The difficulties given by the emergency have not appeased our thirst for cinema, the desire to travel far away and to set off for a new adventure. Therefore we are ready to restart, because from 20 to 25 July in Fluminimaggiore and Buggerru, small realities of the Costa delle Miniere nestled between sea and mountains, there will be the third edition of ANDARAS, the film festival dedicated to travel and to those who never stop chasing the horizon. The event will take place in safety and in compliance with ministerial directives, without forgetting the spirit of union and sharing that has always distinguished us. The third edition will be full with emotions and more: filmmakers, artists, actors, photographers, workshops, exhibitions, interviews, culture, and all that good food, good wine and a wild territory can offer.A separate chapter, in fact, will be reserved for the theme of food, food sustainability and slow travel. The collaboration with Slow Food was born from the need to tell these salient aspects of contemporaneity. Thanks to this synergy, two new competition categories were born related to the world of food and its surroundings, and the 2021 edition of Andaras took the name: "all the taste of travel".Not enough for you? Pack your bags and follow us, many more news soon!

Here are the finalists of the third edition of ANDARAS Traveling Film festival:

Super Shorts

both fictional and documentary short films with a maximum duration of 180 seconds:

Kiwi's Dream - Paloma Zhu (United Kingdom, 1'44'')

Gowbangi -Mehdi sedighi, Ali fotoohi – (Islamic Republic of Iran, 2')

Leo- Moein Rooholamini (Islamic Republic of Iran, 1')

The Train- Javad Matouri (Islamic Republic of Iran, 2'30'')


non-fiction short films with a maximum duration of 30 minutes:

Salar - Morgan Bertacca (Italy, 23')

Chad, the legendary Guerewol - Yuri Palma (Italy, 11'34'')

Dajla: Cinema and Oblivion - Arturo Dueñas Herrero (Spain, 15')

Nobody dies here - Simon Panay (France, 23')

Simulation of Mr. Yellow - Mahan Khomamipour (Islamic Republic of Iran, 17')

Milady- Giulia Tivelli, Flavia Scardini (Italy, 18'11'')

Les Aigles de Carthage - Adriano Valerio (Italy, 19')

Growing on two wheels - Bertrand Lemeunier (Canada, 27'51'')

Narrative Shorts

short fiction films with a maximum duration of 25 minutes:

Better than Neil Armstrong -Alireza Ghasemi (Islamic Republic of Iran, 20')

Sodabikes - Syd Heather (United Kingdom, 17'21'')

The camel boy - Chabname Zariâb (France, 15')

M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide) - Alejandro Damiani (Uruguay, 5')

ONE - Javier Marco Rico (Spain, 10')

La gita - Salvatore Allocca (Italy, 14'35'')

I am afraid to forget your face - Sameh Alaa (Egypt, 15')

Slow - Giovanni Boscolo, Daniele Nozzi (Italy, 10'29'')

Maria - Giovanni Battista Origo (Italy, 20')

So What If The Goats Die - Sofia Alaoui (France, 23')


animated short films with a maximum duration of 15 minutes:

The Boy and The Mountain - Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal (Chile, 11'23'')

Sophie and Jacob - Max Shoham (Canada, 8'49'')

Silent space - Mariia Konopatova (Russia, 9')

Lost & Found - Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe (Australia, 7'43'')

Song Sparrow - Farzaneh Omidvarnia (Islamic Republic of Iran, 11'36'')

Gazes from the World

freestyle category dedicated to experimental, fictional and documentary short films with a maximum duration of 15 minutes:

One hour to Banaue -Mario Oliva Gomez (Spain, 4')

Viaggio sensoriale in Iran - Diego Monfredini (Italy, 10')

Empty Feet & Fireflies - Benjamin Meads (United Kingdom, 8'21'')

Sistan & Balouchestan - Meysam Babaei (Islamic Republic of Iran, 5')

Her - Stefano Cau (Italy, 14'39'')

Ethiopia, Natural Utopia - Artyvelle (France, 4'39'')

Argentina: a journey - Fulvia Bernacca (Argentina, 5'30'')

Andaras Noas (New Paths)

dedicated to fictional stories, of up to 25 minutes, which tell the end of a cycle or the moment before the start of a new journey:

Archibald´s Syndrome - Daniel Perez (France, 20')

The Van - Erenik Beqiri (France, 15')

Inverno - Giulio Mastromauro (Italy, 16'21'')

La Tecnica - Clemente De Muro , Davide Mardegan (Italy, 9'32'')

The last Habanera - Carlo Costantino Licheri (Italy, 18'07'')

Jonah and the Whale - Massimo Gasole (Italy, 15')


Narrative Short Food

short fiction films with a maximum duration of 20 minutes on a "food" theme:

La Fetta del Diavolo - Alex Banzi, Francesco Meatta, Marco Sansoni (Italy, 9'04'')

Gea, l'ultima mucca - Paolo Bonfadini, Irene Cotroneo, Davide Morando (Italy, 9'43'')

The Chop - Lewis Rose (United Kingdom, 14'59'')

Cru - David Oesch (Switzerland, 10')

Docu-Short Food

non-fiction short films with a maximum duration of 30 minutes on a "food" theme:

Yilan, a taste of home - Hsing-Ying Tseng (Taiwan, 18'31'')

Joseba Cruz - Aleix Vilardebó (Spain, 7'29'')

Through the Lens - Costanza La Bruna (Italy, 15')

Burkinabè bounty - Iara Lee (Burkina Faso, 29'58'')

Paesaggi del cibo - Michele Trentini, Andrea Colbacchini (Italy, 30')

If I can eat an idea - Simone Pierini, Flaminia Cardini (Italy, 24'12'')


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