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Official selection ATFF24

The finalists of the sixth edition
“per Andaras ad Astra” 15-20 July 2024

“Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move”, says Jake Sully in James Cameron’s Avatar. We like to think that our crazy journey represents the act of resisting any metaphorical meteor shower and continuing to give life to this great little festival which for one week a year brings stories and characters from all over the world to an isolated area.

While on our planet borders seem to become once again something frightening and divisive, cinema reminds us that creativity and emotions do not fear boundaries of any kind and, like the universe, the seventh art is constantly expanding and knows no borders. 

This is the mood of “Ad Astra”, the sixth edition of the Andaras Traveling Film Festival, and this is what the hundreds of works coming from over 60 countries around the world seem to tell,” says the artistic director Joe Juanne Piras. “In this edition the quality of the films reached an impressive level. They fascinated us and made it difficult for us to pick the finalists. So, I would like to thank Federico Conti, Giuseppe Gaviano and Simone Pusceddu, who were part of the jury and whose work was precious”. 

Here are all the finalist short films which, from 15th to 20th July 2024, will enliven the evenings of the Andaras Traveling Film Festival.

“Andaras Noas (New Paths)”

The category dedicated to fiction short films whose themes are traveling, the moment before departure, the beginning of a new life.

A Calling. From the desert. To the sea - Murad Abu Eisheh (Jordan, 17’)

Things unherad of - Ramazan Kılıç (Turkey, 15’)

Ivalu - Anders Walter, Pipaluk K. Jørgensen (Denmark, 15’)

Marko - Marko Šantić (Croatia, 17’)

Frarìa (Spark) - Alberto Diana (Italy, 18’)

“Gazes from the world”

The category dedicated to travel documentaries, intimate and peculiar perspectives.

Goodbye first love - Shuli Huang (USA, 13’)

Sermersuaq, the great ice - Patrizia Bruno (Italy 14’)

G.N. - Fabio Talloru (Italy, 6’)

Home - Valerio Armati, Nina Baratta (Italy, 15’)

A beautiful day - Stefano Obino (Germany, 19’)

“Ad Astra”

The category dedicated to sci-fi short films.

What-if-I - Lavinia Tommasoli, Pietro Traversa (Italy, 20’)

59 degrees - Matias De Sa Moreira, Cyril Pinero (France, 10’)

Hestia 19 - Stephen Bigot (France, 5’)

Abba - Fabiana Lupo (Italy, 15’)

Big Love - Cristiano Gazzarrini​ (Italy, 15’)

“Strange worlds”

The category dedicated to experimental short films or short films with intense themes and content.

Until we die - Myriam Verreault, Brigitte Poupart (Canada, 19’)

A Crab in the pool - Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sébastien Hamel (Canada 11’)

Groundapple - LLonymus Axoparri (Finland, 11’)

La petite mort - Emanuele Daga (Italy, 8’)

3MWh - Marie-Magdalena Kochová (Czech Republic – 12’)

Poise - Luís Soares (Portugal, 7’)

Life haks for lover - Marc Grey (Israel, 15’)

“Narrative Shorts”

The category dedicated to fiction short films.

The Skates - Halima Ouardiri (Canada, 13’)

Death to the Bikini - Justine Gauthier (Canada, 17’)

Titanic, versione adattata alle famiglie iraniane - Farnoosh Samadi (Iran, 15’)

Fortissimo - Victor Cesca (Francia, 15’)

Aguamiel - Sage Bennett, Alexandra Bas (Mexico, 13’)

Tilipirche (Grasshoppers) - Francesco Piras (Italy, 18’)

Nothing Holier Than A Dolphin - Isabella Margara (Greece, 17’)

“Docu Shorts”

The category dedicated to short documentaries.

Deserto Bianco - Marta Massa (Italy, 14’)

What Else Grows On The Palm Of Your Hand - Dhiaa Biya (Belgium, 16’)

When a Rocket Sits on the Launch Pad - Bohao Liu (China, 12’)

The moon will contain us - Kim Torres (Costa Rica, 18’)

Reem Al Shammary, The Bedouin boxeur - Mattia Ramberti (Italy, 15’)

“Another day”

The category dedicated to fiction short films telling an intimate and personal perspective.

Making Babies - Éric K. Boulianne (Canada, 20’)

Rasti - Paolo Bonfadini, Davide Morandi (Italy, 15)

S’indattaraiu – Matteo Pianezzi (Italy, 19’)

Miranda’s mind - Maddalena Crespi (Italy, 18’)

Wings - Fivos Imellos (Greece, 18’)


The category dedicated to animated short films.

Error Logic - Ari Rubenstein (USA, 5’)

The First - Tiago Iúri (Portugal, 5’)

The song of flying leaves – Armine Anda (Armenia, 12’)

Zoo - Tariq Rimawi (Jordan, 8’)

The beating seed - Marta Ribeiro, Alice do Carmo, Laura Pires, Tiago Pimenta (Portugal, 5’)

“Children of the universe”

The non-competitive category dedicated to a young audience.

Shakespeare for all ages - Hannes Rall (Germany, 3’)

Rabbit hole - Bram Van Rompaey, Reinout Swinnen (Belgium, 1’)

The Splint - Mehdi Sedighi (Indonesia, 5’)

Grogh. Story of a beaver - Gianni Zauli, Alberto Baioni (Italy, 14’)

The world saved by girls - Maria Luisa Usai (Italy, 20’)

Enjoy your meal - Sofie Kienzle, Christian Manzke (Germany, 3’)


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