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ANDARAS Traveling Film Festival 2022 – The Official Selection.

Andaras Traveling Film Festival is approaching, and after a long selection process among high-quality works, we can say that the fourth edition will be full of quality short films.

Unlike previous years, we are glad that there are more works by female directors, a strong participation by Brazil, and new entries such as Pakistan, Lebanon, China and Sudan.

What many of the works in competition have in common is the narration of intimate and personal stories, portraits of different people and different situations explored through a deep and delicate angle.

Our partnership with SlowFood continues this year, therefore we have a jury of experts who will choose the winners of the category dedicated to documentary and fictional short films inspired by the theme of food and what revolves around it.

We have introduced new categories, “TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH”, which are in line with the theme of this year's title. This edition will take us on a journey of discovery, re-encounter and reappropriation of a close relationship with the planet that hosts us.

Our journey continues towards great horizons: we are organising an edition that will not disappoint the viewers and the new friends of Andaras Traveling Film Festival, with tastings, musical moments and much more in the splendid setting between the Sulcis's sea and mountains.

We look forward to seeing you: July 11-16 in Fluminimaggiore and Buggerru.

Stay tuned for other news!

Here are the finalists of Andaras Traveling Film Festival 2022:

Super Shorts fiction and documentary short films up to 180 seconds:

Le monadi - Stefano Virgilio Cipressi (Italy, 2')

Be Wild: Around The World - Yulia Kuznetsova (Russian Federation, 3')

NYC! Sound (Back) On - Gilad Avnat, Stav Nahum (Israel, 1'15'')

Docu-Shorts non-fiction short films up to 30 minutes:

L’asino che vola - Marco Piantoni (Italy, 20')

DERACINÉES - Olga Prud’Homme (France, 11')

PUSHING THE LIMITS - Pablo Hernán Aulita (Argentina, 30')

MINORS - Juan Trueba (Spain, 13')

Narrative Shorts fiction short films up to 25 minutes:

ReImagine - Gianluca Mangiasciutti (Italy, 11'48'')

Being My Mom - Jasmine Trinca (Italy, 11'50'')

TRUMPETS IN THE SKY - Rakan Mayasi (France, 14'59'')

SPIDER - Nash Edgerton (Australia, 9'21'')

Lili alone - Zou Jing (China, 22')

Gazes from the World experimental, fiction and documentary short films up to 20 minutes, not strictly connected with others categories:

You Can’t Automate Me - Katarina Jazbec (Netherlands, 20'')

Shero - Claudio Casale (Italy, 14'34'')

Heritage of Mankind - Davide Ludovisi (Italy, 8'21'')

HARRIER - Ciara Flint (United Kingdom, 15')

CONRADO SR - Guillermo Alvarez Chaia (Spain, 13')

Animation animated short films up to 15 minutes:

Old Hag - Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin (France, 7'37'')

You Must Have Come From Hell - Hayfaa Chalabi (Sweden, 5'22'')

LET GO - Star Bazancir (Sweden, 3')

Asie - Mahan Khomamipour (Iran, Islamic Republic of, 10'04'')

Andaras Noas (Nuovi Sentieri)

fiction stories up to 25 minutes, about the beginning of a journey:

Big - Daniele Pini (Italy, 14')

The Look - Mehran Ghorbani (Iran, Islamic Republic of, 9'10'')

Khadiga - Morad Mostafa (Egypt, 19'55'')

Warsha - Dania Bdeir (Lebanon, 15')


Narrative Short Food food-themed fiction short films up to 20 minutes:

Minniau - Michela Anedda (Italy, 2'33'')

LOST KINGS - Brian Lawes (United States, 15')

The Pitch - Eno Freedman Brodmann (United States, 8'10'')

Docu-Short Food food-themed non-fiction short films up to 30 minutes:

Heirloom - Michela Maria (United States, 27'35'')

In Good Faith - Andrea Yu-Chieh Chung (United States 11'25'')

Goodbye strawberry - Haroon Habib (Pakistan, 3')


Narrative Earth Short environmental-themed fiction short films up to 20 minutes:

STONE HEART - Humberto Rodrigues (Brazil, 9')

Flight to earth - Ignacio Rodó (Spain, 6')

Footsteps on the Wind - Maya Sanbar, Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo (Brazil, 7'5'')

L'impianto umano - Andrea Sbarbaro (Italy, 11'06'')

Docu Earth Short environmental-themed non-fiction short films up to 20 minutes:

Total Disaster - Keil Orion Troisi, Molly Gore (United States, 11'28'')

Ka Manō Moana - Lotte Twaalfhoven (Netherlands, 6'20'')

Wildfire - Shyam Karki (Nepal, 10')

The Resilient - Julie Lunde Lillesæter (Norway, 27'59'')

A Tree A Minute: for 24 hours. - Beau Miles (Australia, 17'53'')

Children of the Earth environmental-themed short films starring children and teenagers:

The Little Shepherdess - Maria Giménez Cavallo, Nathanaëlle Gerbeaux (France, 10')

Al-Sit - Suzannah Mirghani (Sudan, 20')

At night there were stars - Gabriele Meloni, Giovanni Pintus (Italy, 12'57'')


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