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The Winners of Andaras 2023


In a society that always wants to portray women as fit, reassuring and attractive even when they are sick, this work stands out for the courage of its unusual shots and message.


A micro-documentary that focuses on an intimate relationship between a child and his horse with realism and poetry. It sheds light on the English gypsy community, which is usually marginalised and viewed with suspicion in English society.


For managing, in just a few minutes, to make the world understand what leads to a coup d'état, police repression, fear and the courage of ordinary people living or trying to survive it all. For doing it without rhetoric, but speaking with love through a personal story, using a simple and original cinematographic language.


A short animated film that takes us into all the wars of the world through the evocative power of its images. It is an immersion that aims at resurfacing. It is a whirling and painful ride inside the worst of human activities. Then, thanks to the words of Gino Strada, it brings you towards the utopia of a world without war.


Excellent cinematography, acting and direction. A detailed reconstruction of both environments and the spirit of a group of teenagers. For managing to tell, with strength and depth, how contradictory our feelings are, especially for what we love.


Childhood seen as the time in life when one comes out of the family shell and gets in touch with the outside world. For narrating the desire to be accepted and the fear of being excluded. How far one goes to become part of the group they want to join?


Cinema is emotion. It upsets the viewer's stability. In this film there is a clever dramaturgical twist that tackles the issue of domestic violence and gets to the heart of the matter without rhetoric. It creates increasing suspense by engaging us with humanity. "Solo un ensayo" is Cinema.


A film that impressed and moved us a great deal. The power of the archival material brings out the essence of Sardinia's human landscape and craft traditions. It also stimulates a lively discussion on the effects that time has on communities, on ways of living and relating, and on the symbolic value of handicrafts.


What happens when our lives become unmanageable, when the pace gets out of hand? A methodical man, a daily commitment, a great responsibility: the protagonist of this hilarious comedy is in the service of an elderly woman. This man is her cuckoo clock.


A brilliant example of how a new model of man and community could be applied to various societies. A utopian and realistic work at once.


The sincere narrative creates empathy, which is supported by poetic images. The mature narrative allows a constant balance between life and fiction.

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