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Andaras Film Festival 2023 - The Official Selection

11 - 15 July 2023
Fluminimaggiore, Buggerru, Iglesias

The fifth edition of the Andaras Traveling Film Festival is approaching, and after a long selection process among hundreds of works we can say that our journey continues towards new horizons, along the “Costa delle Miniere”!

The title of the fifth edition of the festival is an invitation to the search, to a predisposition towards a state of mind that seems increasingly difficult even to imagine. "Traveling light" is a first turning point, a fifth edition which is a call to resistance during our difficult times. "Traveling light" is not a destination, but it is rather a starting point, an aspiration towards a new model of humanity, which still needs to be explored and focuses on quality time.

What the competing works have in common, beyond being intimate and personal stories, is a raw gaze towards a world that leaves little hope for the new generations, but which preserves the seed of hope for a better future.

Here are all the works in competition!


WISH - Poramet Ariyakusonsuthi (Australia, 2’) MONSTER - Henk Loorbach (Netherlands, 3’) Paroxysm - Jeanne Lemay (Canada, 1’)

Docu – Shorts:

Adaptive Adventure - Meg White (United Kingdom, 14’) RAWA - Camille Toulmé (France, 12’) Santorini, the paradise of parkour - Biel Macià (Spain,20’) Riley & Rambo - Danny Hardaker (United Kingdom, 5’) Will You Look At Me – Shuli Huang (China, 20’)

Gazes from the world:

SXM - Heimo Aga (Austria 7’) URGENT LETTER TO COLOMBIA – Alberto Diana (Italy, 11’) Dionewar Solidarité - Ilja Mlosch (Germany, 8’) ERENTZIA - Giulia Camba (Italy, 15’)


A GUERRA FINITA - Simone Massi (Italy, 5’) ECHOES - Iván Ordás (Spain, 5’) 7lbs 8oz (7 libbre e 8 once) - Yoo Lee (United States, 7’)

Narrative Shorts:

CUCKOO! - Jörgen Scholtens (Netherlands, 8’) Old Tricks - Edoardo Pasquini, Viktor Ivanov (Italy, 6’) Datsun - Mark Albiston (New Zealand, 15’) The Breakdown - Giulio Mealli (Italy, 5’) Tria - Giulia Grandinetti (Italy, 17’)

Andaras Noas (New Paths):

SOLO UN ENSAYO - Hugo Sanz (Spain, 9’) Fradi miu - Simone Contu (Italy, 20’) Nostos - Mauro Zingarelli (Italy, 20’) Subtitles - David Barbieri (Italy, 13’) Memoir of a Veering Storm - Sofia Georgovassili (Greece, 14’) Rites - Damián Vondrášek (Czech Republic, 15’) Time-Out - Bernabé Rico (Spain, 12’)


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