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The Guests of the Fifth Edition of the Andaras Traveling Film Festival

Matteo Martari

Born in Verona in 1983, Matteo Martari in a few years has become one of the most appreciated and sought-after actors of his generation. In 2016, he got an important role in the Rai1 miniseries "Luisa Spagnoli" and joined the cast of the Rai3 TV series "Non uccidere", which introduced him to the general public and led him to work with the Academy Award-winning director Michel Hazanavicius, who directed him in the film "Le Redoutable", presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. In the same year, he starred in Ivan Silvestrini's film "2 Night" alongside Matilde Gioli, in the second season of "Non uccidere" and in "Sotto Copertura 2". He also acted the part of Luigi Tenco in the TV miniseries "Principe Libero", dedicated to the life of Fabrizio De Andrè. In 2018 he played a role in the second season of the Rai series "I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone", and in 2020 he was the protagonist in "l'Alligatore", a series conceived and directed by Daniele Vicari and Emanuele Scaringi, based on Massimo Carlotto’s novels. In 2021 he also starred in many films: in Andrea Zuliani's film "Le ragazze non piangono", and in "Quattro metà" alongside Matilde Gioli, Ilenia Pastorelli and Giuseppe Maggio, directed by Alessio Maria Federici, who also directed him in the Sky film "(Im)perfetti criminali".

Emma Benini 

Born in Ravenna, at 16 years old she started studying with actor Ivano Marescotti at the TAM Academy and she stayed there for 4 years. At 18 years old she joined Maria Vittoria Grimaudo’s agency and began to gain experience on the sets of "La fuggitiva", directed by Carlo Carlei, “Sotto il sole di Riccione” and "Nero a metà 3".

In 2021 she shot the film "Le ragazze non piangono", directed by Andrea Zuliani, which was presented at Alice nella città. She’ll be co-starring in a Rai TV series, which will be released in autumn.

Massimo Sestini

He is one of the most important international photojournalists. Through his vast production as both infiltrated reporter and official photographer, Sestini has shown four decades of the history of the Italian costume, politics and society like nobody else. He started his career with the exhibition of rock portraits "A seventeen-year-old and his goal" (Florence 1980). The first scoops came in the mid-1980s: from King Charles III photographed in Recanati while painting a watercolour, to Licio Gelli photographed in Geneva while being taken to prison as soon as he turned himself in after his escape to Argentina, to the attack on the Rapido 904 in the gallery of San Benedetto Val di Sambro, which got him his first cover on the German weekly Stern. From that moment, Sestini focused mainly his attention on the news and dedicated himself to major current events, and he also founded the agency that bears his name and formed numerous photojournalists. His goal is to be on the news, whatever it takes to get there; even when it seems impossible. His photographs appear on the front pages of the world's leading newspapers. He witnessed the tragedy of the Moby Prince and took the aerial photos of the attacks on Falcone and Borsellino. Aerial photos have become a constant for him, a premise to the more recent zenithal ones. The following years brought other exclusives: the aerial shots of the Jubilee, of the clashes at the G8 in Genoa, of the funeral of Pope John II. He also began a long season as a portraitist: working for the main Italian and international magazines, he exclusively photographed the main exponents of politics, culture, business and entertainment. In 2014 he was on board the "Fregata Bergamini", witnessing the "Mare Nostrum" rescue operations off the Libyan coast. After twelve days of storm, he managed to film a rescued boat of migrants from the helicopter. The photo won the prestigious World Press Photo in 2015, in the General News section.

 The project that he presents to the fifth edition of the Andaras Traveling Film Festival is named "Mare di Sardegna" and aims to enhance the images made up of the perpendicular views of the island's coast, visions that would not be perceptible from below.

Emanuele Contis

Musician, composer and sound designer. He got a Master's degree in Music Composition for Film, TV and Videogames at Berklee College of Music. He is the CEO and founder of INDÒRU - Boutique del Suono. He wrote original music for films, TV series, documentaries, short films, commercials and sound installations. He composed music for important TV programmes such as "Nuovi Eroi" (theme song and soundtrack), "Quante Storie" (theme song and soundtrack), "Presa Diretta" (soundtrack), and others, aired on national networks. A graduate in Civil Engineering, he is a transversal musician, attracted by borderline music and he has always been interested in the relationship between sound, form and space.

porceddu (1).jpg
Ilaria Porceddu

She began studying piano and singing at 6 years old. In 2004, at 16 years old, she was the winner at 'Festival di Castrocaro'. After graduating, she moved to Rome to start her artistic collaboration with Peppe Vessicchio and Marco Rinalduzzi, with whom she produced her first album "Suono Naturale", released by Sony Music after her participation in X Factor. She graduated in "Performing Arts and Sciences" with a thesis in Ethnomusicology on the history and tradition of Sardinian singing with guitar in Sardinia. At the same time, she joined the cast of Luca Tommassini's "Il Pianeta Proibito" and later collaborated with Ron and Gino Paoli as a guest in their concerts. On February 14th 2013, coinciding with her participation in the Sanremo Festival, where she conquered the second place in the Young People category, she released her new album "In Equilibrio" (D'AltroCanto/ EMI Music). In 2016, she signed the soundtrack for "Per Anna", a short film that won multiple awards at national and international festivals (including the David di Donatello 2015 shortlist), which anticipated the first track ("Sas Arvures") of her new album. On April 7th 2017, she released "Di questo parlo io" (Linea Due/Pirames International). On June 12th 2020, she released 'Sa Coia', a tribute to her return to Sardinia. Ilaria has set up Indirizzo D'Autore, Sardinia's first songwriting school, in the heart of Castello area in Cagliari, and she’s currently working on her fourth album.

Anastasia Doagă

Born in Chisinau, Moldova, she graduated from the Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica 'Silvio d'Amico' in Rome in 2021. She started her career with the role of Jonna, in the international action film 'Assassin Club', directed by Camille Delamarre, starring Henry Golding, Noomi Rapace and Sam Neill. In the same year, she played Katerina in the Prime Video TV series 'The bad guy', directed by Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe Stasi, and then Mia, one of the two main characters in Andrea Zuliani's debut film 'Le ragazze non piangono'. In 2023, however, she played Tonia in 'Per amore di una donna', a film directed by Guido Chiesa.

Giovanni Marceddu

Giovanni Marceddu was born in 1980 in Cagliari, where he still lives and works. He wrote his first short stories between the last years of high school and the first years of university. He collaborated with several leading figures of the island's cinema and in 2020 he won his first prize at the Voghera Film Festival, with the screenplay of 'Vergogna'. Moreover, he is involved in figurative arts, working with living material such as mosses and moulds. Regardless of the media used, Marceddu's style is always evocative and carries an inward gaze that becomes very profound, especially in literature. He currently runs a centre for meditation and personal growth.

Maria Paolucci

Maria Paolucci, born in 1994, is a tour guide and travel creator with a profound passion for her homeland, Sardinia.

She started working as a tour guide in 2019, after completing her university studies, and kept working with passion and professionalism until 2021. During that period, she also started sharing her stories about Sardinia online, discovering the potential of social media in conveying her love for the territory. Her determination to enhance Sardinia and share its culture led Maria to found her own experience tourism company, which immediately became a huge success and has contributed significantly to an experiential and emotional account of the island.

Fabio Tallo

He was born in Sardinia in October 1988. He got a Phd in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Milan. He is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and sound designer. His artistic research focuses on discovering the narrative fabrics that envelop his subjects of investigation, which can be objects, facts and living beings. Primarily a composer and musician, he elaborates soundscapes. His creation process is primarily based on the acquisition of environmental sounds, both urban and natural, and their subsequent re-modelling, from which he obtains the loops, synthesisers and rhythm sections that he uses to bring his works to life.

Francesca Scanu

Francesca Scanu was born in Sardinia (Italy) in 1986.
She studied screenwriting and since 2013 she has been working as a writer and producer in her company COCOON and as a delegate producer for other production companies (e.g: Groenlandia Group). As a screenwriter she won the Mattador International script prize in 2013. She wrote and produced several short films. The most successful was “For Anna” (2016), directed by Andrea Zuliani, a finalist for the David di Donatello prize and winner of several international prizes. In 2018 she coproduced the feature film “Go Home” directed by Luna Gualano, selected at Trieste Sci-Fi festival, at Noir Film Festival, at BIFFF and winner of Roma Lazio Film Commission Prize at Roma Cinema Fest in 2018. In 2019 she published for Dino Audino Editore the book titled “Near to the director”, an essay detailing the work of first and second AD and script supervisors. As a producer she won Biennale College Cinema 2019 with “Blessed Boys”, that she co-wrote with director Silvia Brunelli, produced by Raindogs srl and premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2021. She is currently working on several feature and documentary projects as a writer producer.

Andrea Zuliani

Andrea Zuliani was born in Rome in 1983. While studying at the DAMS in Tor Vergata, he started working as a video maker and running film workshops for children and youth for the D.O.C. cooperative (Turin). Since 2008 he has been working as assistant/assistant director in numerous films and TV series including: "Shadow" by F. Zampaglione, "Cosimo & Nicole" by F. Amato, "Gomorra - la serie 2 e 3" by C. Cupellini and F. Comencini, "Il più grande sogno" by M. Vannucci, “L’amica geniale" by S. Costanzo, "18 regali" by F. Amato, “Filumena Marturano” by F. Amato, “L’amica geniale 4” by L. Bispuri. He directed the short films "Miriam" (2012), "Per Anna" (2015 - selected in 38 international festivals, winner of 11 awards and nominated for Best short film at the David di Donatello award 2016) and “Home sweet home” (2021). Together with Francesca Scanu, he wrote the screenplays of "Non vedo non sento non parlo" (finalist at Premio Solinas Experimenta, Special Mention at Premio Mattador), "Vendesi appartamento all'ultimo piano" (whose teaser was a finalist at Pitch Trailer 2012) and "Le ragazze non piangono / 7 giorni Mia" (winner of the Mibac 2018 production call). The feature film subject "Limbo" was a finalist at Pitch in the day 2016, "Far from the sun" was a finalist at Murmat Speed Pitch 2021, while the documentary "The first time" was selected at Pitch2Script 2020.

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