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The Guests of the Fourth Edition of the Andaras Traveling Film Festival

Chef Rubio (Gabriele Rubini)

A chef, conductor and author of numerous television broadcasts and documentaries, explorer, traveler and anti-Zionist activist for the liberation of Palestine.

Being an unconventional chef, Rubio thinks that the culinary art is only a means, while the starting point and the finishing point are always the people, their experience, their history, the territory. Eclectic and versatile, he stands out for his unique approach and his distinctive language of democratic cuisine and social commitment. Rubio cultivates numerous passions in addition to TV and cooking: he is a photographer, director, writer and screenwriter.

Daniella Bruni

Graduated in Philosophy of Language, in Librarianship, in Conservation of Manuscripts; she is a documentary writer and independent researcher. As a librarian at the University of Roma Tre, she oversaw the preparation and management of the video-photographic archive of the CeDOT (Centro di Documentazione e Osservazione del Territorio), consisting of material from competitions and exhibitions organised by CROMA (Centro di Ateneo per lo studio di Roma). She has dealt with image indexing techniques for the recovery and use of the audiovisual heritage; she was part of the jury at the photographic competition “Lo sguardo sulla città. Roma dal 1870 ad oggi". She is currently working at the Area delle Arti Library, dealing with the monographic acquisitions in the Architecture section and the cataloguing of the bibliographic heritage belonging to the critic and historian of cinema Lino Micciché in the Entertainment section (DAMS).

Julia Arena

Born in 1994 and raised in Sicily, she moved to Milan to study Law. In 2013, she was elected Miss Italy and she got access to the entertainment world. During that year, she travelled around Italy, she became a testimonial for many companies and actively participated in charitable initiatives.

Later, she presented several TV programs on national networks such as La7 and Rai4.

She became an AIRC Testimonial, in support of cancer research, and followed all the key moments of national fundraising with the association.

In 2018, she began her career as an actress with a starring role in the series "Il paradiso delle signore", in "Bella da morire" for Rai1, and in the film "La donna per me" for Sky.

Safir Nou

The Safir Nou project presents the new album “Liminal” in concert at Andaras. “Liminal” tells the journey of migration, expressed in terms of suspension, expectation, hope, the search for another condition, a moment between the “no more” and the “not yet”. The instrumental compositions and moments of improvisation remind of Mediterranean, Saharan and Northern European landscapes.

Antonio Firinu: Guitars, compositions;

Ivana Busu: Synthesisers, accordion;

Sergio Tifu: Violin;

Andrea Lai: Contrabass;

Antonio Pinna: Drums.

Mike Struik

Mike Struik is an aeronautical engineer, adventure photographer, arctic reporter, delta and drone pilot.

Charles Casti

A native of Fluminimaggiore, he travels around the world. He has tried to make a novel out of his life, writing for various scientific journals, journals about ecology, food safety, and in workplaces. He has taught literature, French and philosophy. He organises cultural events. He works as a columnist for periodicals about gastronomy, wellness and lifestyles.

He travels to learn, interact and grow. He believes that food is a means of mass communication. After getting to know Slow Food, his passion flourished. He is a gastronome, a sommelier and, above all, a curious drinker.

And he never stops.

Rosa Pisano

She is passionate about food and wine, expression of the traditions, culture and pedoclimatic conditions of a specific territory that has to be protected and safeguarded. She is a tireless traveller and she is in love with Sardinia, a land full of charm and mystery.

She is the team leader of the Slow Food Travel project, which promotes sustainable tourism, that has to be lived slowly. It has to stimulate the knowledge of the less famous destinations’ places, landscapes, aromas and flavours, through sensory paths that make the traveller experience the local communities which respect sustainable practices in agriculture and the promotion of good, clean and fair food.

She collaborates on the Slow Food Guide to Taverns of Italy, taking care of the restaurant reviews and the master wine taster.

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