Andaras Traveling Film Festival - Jury and Guests 2019

The Jury of the First Edition of the Andaras Traveling Film Festival

Tony Capuozzo


He is a well-known and important Italian journalist and writer. War correspondent on the hottest fronts, from Balkans to the Middle East, from Somalia to Afghanistan, from Soviet Union to Falklands. He’s one of the most known faces on Italian TV, having been for many years on the weekly broadcast Terra! on Canale 5. He still collaborates with Mediaset nowadays.

Laura Luchetti


She is a director and writer, born in Rome she lived for a long time in England. She has produced and directed short films, music videos, commercials and TV series. For Channel4 and Miramax, she directed the documentary about the director Anthony Minghella and she was in charge of the executive production for the documentary directed by Russel Crowe and distributed by Miramax. Her passion for theatre led her to direct several successful productions linked with classical music. Her first movie “Febbre da Fieno” has been awarded in many international festivals. In 2014 she took part in the Consenses Art International Exhibition, in the US, with her first video installation “Searching”. Her second movie “Fiore Gemello”, in cinemas now, was selected in 2015 for Cannes Film Festival’s Atelier and for the screenwriting Lab at Sundance Film Festival.

Federico Geremicca


He started in Naples on the editorial board of l'Unita', back in 1976. In 1983 he was called in Rome by Emanuele Macaluso, who was director of the PCI's newspaper back then. in 1990 he moves to Repubblica, where he became head of the political editorial board, to then move again - seven years later- to Palermo to lead the newborn Sicilian edition. At the end of 1999 he was called by La Stampa to become vice director and head of the editorial board in Rome. Nowadays he's still one of the columnist of the newspaper.

Gianfranco Cabiddu


He is a director, screenwriter and ethnomusicologist with studies in classical music and Jazz.

On theatres he collaborates with Vittorio Gassman, Carmelo Bene, Dario Fo, Martha Graham, Jerzy Grotowski, Peter Brook, and he is Eduardo De Filippo’s assistant. His first feature film as a director was “Disamistade” (1988) with Maria Carta. Followed by “Il Figlio di Bakunin” (1997) adapted from the same novel by Sergio Atzeni. In the most recent documentaries we can find “Faber in Sardegna” (2014) about Fabrizio De Andrè. In 2017 he receives the David di Donatello award for the best adapted script on “La stoffa dei sogni”. With Mario Tronco he signs the film direction for “Il Flauto Magico a Piazza Vittorio” (2018) a musical inspired by Mozart with Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Petra Magoni and Piazza Vittorio’s Orchestra.

Elena Lai

General Secretary of CEPI

She is general secretary of CEPI, the largest European audio-visual production network which represent the interest of independent producers (film/tv) from 18 national trade associations, based in Brussels. Here Elena is also responsible of Europe Analytica, a consulting company which specialise in culture and creative industries since 1990. From 2019 Elena is also President of the Advisory Committee at the European Observatory for the audio-visual media, and member of the Pre-Selection Committee at Monte Carlo's TV Festival. On her role she manages the relations with the various Directorates of the Commission and with the members of the European Parliament, monitoring their activities and consultation directed to the trade associations that deal with movies, TV and animation.

The Guests of the First Edition

Chef Rubio

Author / Documentary Filmmaker / TV Presenter

He is an unconventional chef, independent, he by choice doesn’t have a restaurant, but he is an insatiable traveller in constant discovery of new flavours and knowledge. He became well known thanks to the format “Unti e Bisunti”, cult TV series about street food, aired for the first time in 2013 on DMAX. Thirty-six years old, from Frascati,ex rugby player, he graduated as a chef in 2010 at ALMA, but for Rubio “cooking is a tool to talk about culture, people. The culinary art – he says – is just a link, while the point of start and arrival is always the people, their lives, their stories, the territory”. Eclectic and versatile, he stands out in the TV scene for his unique approach and his distinctive language that tells about democratic cuisine and social commitment. Rubio has several passions other than TV and cooking: he is a photographer, movie director, writer and screenwriter. In 2016, indeed, he found TUMANGA independent Production Company that comes from the cook’s great passion for audio-visual and photographic arts, and it’s oriented towards creative experimentation and the promotion of new talents and ideas. The company credits transversal projects and self-productions, ranging from web-series of video-recipes accessible to the blind and deaf ( ‘Segni di Gusto’ and ‘Cucina in Tutti I Sensi’), to mini travel reportage POV – Point of View available on his website . Still with Image Hunters, in 2018 TUMAGA produced Elias, a short film shot in the Roma community camp in Rome, with nonprofessional Roma actors. While for the WWF Tumanga produced, in the same year, the video for #SaveGorillas campaign for the adoption and preservation of the species, which was awarded with a special mention at CinemAmbiente on the 1st of June 2019 in Turin.

Antonello Ottonello

Scenographer / Artist

Antonello Ottonello was born in Cagliari on the 13th of June 1948. After completing College of Art in Cagliari, he graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome. His first works experiences were in the theatre world, as scenographer, costume designer and actor in Mario Ricci’s crew. In the same years he embarks on his artistic career which is strongly influenced by theatrical experiences. He came back to Sardinia in the early ’80. In 1989 the Art Communal Gallery in Cagliari, for the reopening after the renovation works, dedicates a personal exhibition of his Tarlatane to the artist. In 1992 Ottonello takes part in the Seville Expo, on the topic Cerdeña Isla de Colores, with a work inspired by the mining world, to which in 1993 it will be dedicated the personal exhibition Ingurtosu. From that world he draws materials (coal, minerals, stones) and suggestions (the buildings of industrial archaeology) that translate into works of great expressive power. From mid-90’s, Ottonello’s work, through materials that he personally picked in different areas of Sardinia, evokes, with greater intensity, the world of nature as an absolute protagonist. In the last ten years, Ottonello’s works increasingly reflect the concern for rapid climate change and the greenhouse effect, with the progressive and inexorable desertification.

Francesco Cito


Francesco Cito was born in Naples on the 5th of May 1949. Cutting off his education he moved to London to focus on photography. In 1980 he's one of the first press photographers to illegally reach Afghanistan which was occupied with the invasion of the Red Army, and following various group of soldiers who were fighting the soviets, he walked 1200 Km on foot. Back in Naples he realised a reportage on camorra and one on the smuggling of cigarettes. In 1983 he's the correspondent on the Lebanese front for the weekly paper Epoca. From 1984 he deals with the conditions of the Palestinians inside the occupied territories of West Bank (Cisgiordania) and the Gaza Strip. He will follow all the stages of the fist "Intifada" 1987 - 1993 and the second one 2000 - 2005. He was injured 3 times during the conflicts. In 1990, he's in Saudi Arabia in the first "Gulf War" with the first contingent of American Marines, after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. In 2000 he realised a reportage on "Codice Kanun", the ancient law of revenge of medieval origins in the Albanian society. In Italy he often deals with mafia cases, but also of events like the Palio of Siena who will make him win his first prize at the Word press photo, and others relevant aspects of society. From 1997 the lens is aimed towards Sardinia outside the touristic itineraries, between the social and traditions, work already partially enclosed in a photo-book. He won several prestigious award, collaborating and publishing on the major national and foreign papers.

Giovanna Taviani


Born in Rome the 8th of November 1969, she debuts as documentarian in 2004 with I nostri 30 anni: generazioni a confronto, a trip into Italian cinema to tell our and their thirty years.

In 2005 she presented Ritorni at Rome Cinema Fest, the story of three successful North Africans (included Tahar Bel Jelloun) that made it. In 2011 she gets the Premio della Critica at Nastri d’Argeto and the Premio Speciale from the jury at Festival d’Annecy with Fughe e approdi( distributed by Cinecittà Luce), a trip to the Eolis islands on the red sail tartan that saw her, as a child, as the main character in Kaos by P. and V. Taviani in 2013. Collaborating with LIBERA – “Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie”, she covered the theme of Italian prisons through the docu-short Il Riscatto, the story about Salvatore Striano and his redemption through Shakespiere. She’s currently working on the new documentary Cuntami, Sicilia! about the young Sicilian storytellers, produced by Amedeo Bacigalupo in collaboration with Angelo Barbagallo. In 2007 she founded the SalinaDocFest – Festival internazionale del documentario narrativo, that takes place in Salina, in the Eolis Islands, and is part of the calendar of Big Events of Sicily’s Region ( ).

Fondazione Pangea Onlus

Fondazione Pangea Onlus works in Italy, Afghanistan, India and Colombia, to help all the women victim of abuse and discrimination to start a new life, becoming multipliers of well-being for themselves and their families. In the world there are still many women that cry for help; not charity, but the possibility of having an education, be able to work, to ensure a different future to their children.

Giuseppe Gallo, Fausto Verginelli, Anastasiya Bogach, Kallil Kone

Producer and Cast of the movie "Fiore Gemello" by Laura Luchetti

Basim is an illegal immigrant from the Ivory Coast, Anna is the daughter of a human trafficker. Running away through the mysterious and beautiful landscapes of Sardinia, together they will find, in the love for each other, the strength to walk towards the future.