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12 000 km
12000 km.jpg

12 000km

Erik Nylander / Sweden

The prevailing climate threat has made a bunch of Swedish extreme skiers and snowboarders travel with trains and ferries from Stockholm all the way to Japan, in search of deep powder and the adventure of a lifetime. 

Along the world longest train ride, they make various stops in Siberia's remote forests, exploring untouched mountains and experiencing the special Russian culture from the interior.

When arriving in Japan 12 000 km later, the crew continue to road trip in RV’s through the land of the rising sun.

A great amount of humor, hectic meetings and world-class riding sums up this epic journey.

Adventure of the spirit.jpg

Adventure of the Spirit

Mathias Ekornaas / Norway

«Adventure of the Spirit» is a short film about two Norwegian friends with very different backgrounds; one yoga teacher and one ex military adventurer, searching for the same depth and state of being through different approaches. Mathias Ekornaas and Mats Onsum explore packrafting together for the first time, whitewater rafting down the entire 175km long Paquare River in Costa Rica, driven by a passion for exploration of inner and outer landscapes. We follow them through peaks and valleys, on their way through a lush jungle scenery, aiming for the mouth of the river at the Caribbean Sea.

Adventure of the spirit
Balkan route.jpg

Balkan Route - Last Stop

Davide Ludovisi / Italy

The Balkan route is the path that represents the hope of a future in Europe for thousands of people.

The documentary tells how the city of Trieste (Italy) has become one of the main European gateways for those who run away from wars and miseries.

It tells of the violence that people suffer along the way, but also of how a certain type of reception can make the difference between marginalisation and integration.

Balkan route
Darien Wanderers.jpg

Darien Wanderers

Lucas Serna Rodas, Irene Masala / Colombia

Every day hundreds of people enter the Darien forest, the natural border between Colombia and Panama, with the hope of arriving in the United States. A long dangerous journey that, in many cases, starts on the other side of the world. Darien Wanderers is an indipendent mini-documentary about these transnational migrants and their cross inside the Darien Gap jungle and villages.

Even though the majority of the reflections about migration in Colombia are focused undoubtedly on Venezuela, the data shows that as of January 2016 there was an increase in irregular migrants from Asia, especially from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and China while migrants of African origin arrive mostly from Somalia, Ghana, Congo and Senegal. This migratory phenomenon is almost invisible in Colombia due to the informality of the routes, which are mostly organized or controlled by groups outside the law. For this reason, many of the shots were taken at a distance or with the mobile and the only entity that was up for an interview has been the UNHCR in the person of Cesar Mesa, Officer in charge for the Apartadó region. His voice became the narrative voice of this mini documentary.

Darien wanderers
Mal di Plastica poster.jpg

Plastic sickness

Diego Zicchetti / Italy

The story of a journey, from Rimini to Venice, on a boat of bottles.

Mal di plastica

I'm Splashed

Carlo Licheri / Italy

During a train journey to his home town Ollolai to celebrate the Carnival, the director tells his crew some bullying episodes suffered during his childhood and adolescence. Small but traumatic events that have left permanent traces in the emotional and psychic dimension of the author. But recalling and discussing them in front of the camera will take the director to a new form of awareness.

Sono schizzato
Super eastbound.jpg

Super Eastbound Bros.

Waldemar Schleicher / Germany

Two guys have their strength and friendship tested when they try to cycle from Germany to Vietnam.

Super eastbound

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